Accountants and auditors in St Albans, Hertfordshire

The best advice always starts with a conversation – person to person, business to business.

You should be able to get tax, business and accounting advice whenever you need it. That advice should be unique to you and your situation. And it needs to be based on real-world experience and professional expertise.

That’s why, at Freeman Baker Associates, we love visiting our clients, seeing them at work, and getting into the nuts of how bolts of how they operate. We want you to feel welcome and have the space to tell us exactly what’s on your mind, from long-term business goals to compliance concerns.

The time we invest in really getting to know you pays off when we’re in the thick of it, with deadlines coming down the track along with unexpected pressures and events. It means we’re always ready to spot opportunities that could make a vital difference to you – saving you money, reducing your tax bill or giving you chance to grow. Our clients come to treat us like part of their business which is just how we like it.

Accountants and advisers for retail and leisure businesses

We love shops, showrooms, cafes, pubs and restaurants. They’re what brings towns and cities in England to life, aren't they? It's a competitive world, though, which is why our retail and hospitality clients value having us on their team. From managing cashflow to taking care of payroll, it’s about being more efficient, more in control and more ambitious.

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Give us a call, send an email or message us online and we’ll start the conversation. We always enjoy talking and getting to know somebody new.