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Talking to your accountant shouldn’t stress you out – it should make  you feel happier and more in control.

We’re a friendly crew at Freeman Baker Associates and whether you’re visiting us, or we’re round at yours, we want you to feel comfortable telling us whatever is on your mind.

That’s where all the best business advice starts and how we deliver the best for you.

Your business, your family, your life.

People like us work hard because, well, we can’t help it – but it’s also because we want to look after our children and other dependents. All of our accounting and advice services, professional or for individuals, are built with that in mind. It’s about supporting you to achieve more while also stopping your tax bill running away from you – and taming all that paperwork.

Business services

Whether you‘re a sole trader, in a partnership or run a limited company, we’ll make everything from VAT to corporation tax feel straightforward.

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Personal services

From your annual self-assessment tax return to long-term planning for retirement, we’ll give first class advice that saves you money.

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Accountants and advisers for retail and leisure businesses

We love shops, showrooms, cafes, pubs and restaurants. They’re what brings towns and cities in England to life, aren't they? It's a competitive world, though, which is why our retail and hospitality clients value having us on their team. From managing cashflow to taking care of payroll, it’s about being more efficient, more in control and more ambitious.

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